Do we really Care about Ocean pollution

A chocolate bar wrapper of 1980’s has washed up in Cornwall. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this kind of discoveries has been made in the history.

This discovery was made during a beach clean on Constantine Bay on north coast of Cornwall by Emily Stevenson who campaigns against ocean pollution and plastic litter in the marine environment.

This wrapper is from 1986. Furthermore, she adds that “A Mars a day… and the wrapper is still here 11,910 days latter”. A sad news which proves about human’s ocean pollution.

A tweet was sent to @MarsGlobal stating “#IsThisYours Your Legacy Define Our Next Century” which they didn’t bother to reply.

On a previous occasion Emily Stevenson had found a 50-year-old Thunderbirds mini-figure at Watergate Bay. The figure was a 1966 Jeff Tracy and was given away in packets of Kellogg’s cereal.

Thunderbirds mini-figure

That is the thing, though how many ocean pollution awareness programs, Beach cleans going on do people really? Won’t they forget this just the same as they did earlier?


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