Whether if you are looking for a new computer case or are simply looking for manufacturer trends, Computex is the perfect place on the planet for you. Retail brands and original equipment manufacturers show their products to distributors (or perhaps to other parties for return), and the amount and variety of chassis is amazing. If you practice DIY on the PC, it is a paradise for computer cases, a type of Newegg in person and Amazon combined, plus a touch of Alibaba.

What we mean by this last: in the United States, you will not be able to buy or find all the great computer cases that we have seen. Some are for sale only in other countries, such as China. But let’s quickly look at some of the high-end models you can count on and expect to buy this year.

1. In the Win 309 Computer case


Our choice for the exclusive case of high end of the show, the 309 wins Computer case by pure novelty. More than 100 discrete LEDs located on the front of this ATX case can be programmed to display an infinite variety of patterns: time, animations, patterns, text messages. Win’s “Glow 2” software allows you to customize it (and it also provides many presets).

2. Lian Li Odyssey X Computer case


The new star model of Lian Li, the modular Odyssey X Computer case, allows you to build the shell in a horizontal or vertical orientation, thanks to the modular nature of its panels. The central panel is a spectacular hinged door that can be opened in any direction. You can install the chassis in Performance mode (that is, better air flow) or in a more aesthetic vertical dynamic mode, shown here.

3. MSI MEG Sekira 500X Computer case


Back in the Computer case market with the 500X. The size is monumental (it takes up extended ATX cards), and the chassis will come with the three large addressable RGB fans (200mm) you see here, along with another 120mm aRGB rotary disc, and will likely retail at most $ 200. Tons of compartments for units at the bottom, a removable tray for easy installation of the radiator and the glass around it, make it a truly worthy option for the construction of a titanic landmark building.

4. SilverStone Lucid LD03 Computer case


Also presented as a prototype at CES 2019, the Lucid is derived from the classic “trashcan” chassis of SilverStone Fortress FT03. Here, however, this Mini-ITX Computer case offers maximum visibility inside, thanks to the glass that surrounds it, and keeps things fresh thanks to an efficient vertical airflow. It uses SFX power supplies to free up enough space inside to allow its components to breathe.

5. MSI MEG Alchemy 700X Computer case


Reminiscent of the Thermaltake Core P series, chassis for wall mounting and window mounting, the 700X Computer case represents a considerable commitment to desk space, but ensures optimal visibility of its components. Improve your RGB game and not cheaper on coins! Here we do not hide a motherboard or a video card.


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