Elon Musk disappointed at Tesla's Cyber Truck Presentation?

Elon Musk Disappointed at Tesla’s Cyber Truck Presentation?

Hello, everyone, I’m gonna try to keep it as short as possible we all know that during the Tesla Cyber Truck the unveil by Elon Musk, the demo of the glass failed. When they threw the ball and the Glass broke in the car.

But we didn’t know why? So, first of all, I got a debunk something off the top. Some people keep saying in the comments that Elon staged this just to get media attention and stuff like that. But i personally don’t think during the presentation of Cyber Truck that Elon Musk and Tesla don’t need more publicity as they are already in the map.

Elon Musk Cyber Truck

If you follow Elon Musk closely as a lot of Tesla fans and a lot of journalists do, you will know that his reaction to it was genuine and there was quite some cussing involved during Cyber Truck presentation. In any case so why did this happen. A lot of people don’t understand. So some people keep saying, of course, the window was not as strong as they thought. They made the demo to extreme stuff like that well. Turns out that is not what happened actually.

Elon Musk and Tesla are not known to be failing. So let me explain the significance. In the earlier glass demo day, they dropped the ball onto a sheet of glass and each time from the higher height and a glass survived. But each time that they dropped the glass they also tightened the bolts around it to keep it locked down. Kind of a small bowl of it, maybe like do it at a bigger height.

This is really important because if the glass is loose it is gonna immediately break. it only has this superpower strength so to say. if it is tightly held down in place. so what went wrong with the actual demo on the Cyber Truck.

Then remember first they didn’t immediately hit the glass. First, they took a sledgehammer and France hit the door of Cyber Truck twice. No problem no dents no scratches amazing demo people loved it. But that concussive force made the windows fall down a bit. and because the windows were down a bit. that’s why they broke when they hit through the ball.

Elon Musk Cyber Truck

It didn’t have its full strength. So basically the two demos of the door and the window are incompatible. Had they started with the window and then hit the door this would not have happened. It’s a mere coincidence it’s a small thing they might not have thought about and it’s really unfortunate that it happened. But it was definitely not staged the glass is definitely not they didn’t accidentally put in the wrong glass.

It wasn’t weak glass. It was simply that it was not held in place. It’s that simple. In any case, I thought you guys should know this

Please do share this with as many people as you can because people need to know this. Also against the one small prediction even though the glass is fine they’re gonna make it a lot stronger by the time this thing goes into mass production with Cyber Truck. It seems like Tesla Elon Musk will be the future. 

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