The most recently breaking news Kit Harington the Game of Thrones star Jon Snow will be joining the MCU. The role does not confirmed but everybody is guessing of course that it’s for something big like Wolverine. So you have to use a little bit of logic here but it does indeed make sense. We’re gonna break down where the report is coming from and what this means for Marvel phase 4 or phase 5 and just what franchises he could be joining. So this news fresh breaking in the last hour as reported by multiple sources including deadlines.


The Kit Harington will join the MCU for an undisclosed role not even the franchise was named. But you can be sure that the agreement came between the actor and the studio’s; based on a specific role and a big character at that in a major franchise.

He is not gonna play the main protagonists in a fan favorite like Game of Thrones only to be turned around and cast as an ancillary character in a different hero’s solo franchise or a one-off villain rather quite the opposite. He is going to play a major character in a major team.

Maybe something like x-men and it’s not that much of a leap. If you can follow the first part of the argument that he needs to play a major character; on a major team to see which major characters and which major teams come up in phases 4 5 & 6; namely the Fantastic Four and the x-men and then see what roles he’s right aesthetically to play.

Immediately Wolverine jumps to mind if you were to go on that Thor workout put on a ton of muscle and really build those biceps get an American accent down and play the character with some grit. Then he definitely has the right stature to do so and; of all of the major roles left four phases four five and six that we know they’re gonna have to fill. This makes the most obvious sense. However are there a million characters they could be casting him as in the MCU of course.


But you would think if he was joining an already announced franchise for either phase four or phase five. They would just tell us which one they wouldn’t have to tell us the character he was cast. But they didn’t even do that leading us to believe here at everything always that he is casting for an unannounced franchise. Also the major franchises left with the major characters; assuming Kit Harington, Jon Snow isn’t signing up to play a one-off villain or an ancillary character with a small cameo. Then it must be something like a Wolverine or perhaps some others that we’ve thought. So let us know what you think in the comments about Kit Harington joining the MCU. Also comment what role you’d like to see him in in the MCU.


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