Spider man is one of the most popular superheroes of all time. Likewise Marvel Studios as a company is at its pinnacle. But recently there has been a fall out with this popular superhero. The Movie rights to spider man belongs to Sony Pictures, who have basically rented the character to Disney. According to their contract, Sony gets 95% of box office income while Disney get 5%; along with the rights to all toys and merchandise. So recently Disney requested that they receive 50% of the box office income along with all merchandise income; which Sony naturally refused, causing an uproar among fans. Since many petitioned to have Sony boycotted.

The Marvel Studios War for the Spider man, AKA Web Slinger

Sony Vs Amazon

Marvel Studios continued negotiations but Sony was unwilling to back down; being one of the few major studios not belonging to the corporate giant that is Disney. But because Sony’s business line is not only movies and entertainment; but also electronics, there were rumors about Amazon trying to buy Sony. This was however disproved by the President of Amazon.

Sony VS Apple

Another rumor started floating about that Apple would want to buy Sony, and while this hasn’t been confirmed yet. The CEO of Sony very firmly stated that the company was not for sale, and that they would thrive on their own.

Sony makes up with Marvel Studios

Similarly the problem with being bought by a company that isn’t in the film industry is that the rights to spider man and his entire rogue gallery would be transferred to Disney if that were to happen. The same would happen if they were to go bankrupt or if they fail to make a spider man sequel within a certain number of years. Though as of recent reports; Sony seems to have made a deal with Disney and we might see Spider man back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe; Marvel Studios.

The Marvel Studios War for the Spider man, AKA Web Slinger

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